Xiao Zhan Lands on Twitter’s Worldwide Trending List as He Celebrates Turning 30!

Xiao ZHan
Xiao Zhan 30th

Happy Birthday Xiao Zhan! On October 5, the actor ushered in the big 3-0 by sharing an introspective post about what it means to turn thirty-years-old. Meanwhile, Xiao Zhan’s fans also made the day extra special for their favourite actor, ensuring he landed on Twitter’s worldwide trending list with the plethora of #XiaoZhan30thBirthday hashtags from fans wishing him a happy 30th!

“Today, I am Thirty”

Sharing a post just as the clock struck 12, the The Untamed actor got a little bit introspective about what turning “30-years-old and being independent” stands for. “To me, it is being externally responsible and internally capable. I am fortunate enough to be recognised by everyone yet I must also take on the responsibility of being a public figure: being strict with myself and living up to everyone’s attention and love. Through what little influence I have, I must bring more positive energy to everyone.“

As an actor, he says he should do his best to portray his characters on screen and to work hard to win the audience’s approval. Acknowledging that he still has many things to learn, Xiao Zhan believes that only through practicing his skills and continuously trying to improve his abilities can he live up to his profession.

Moreover, reflecting on the attitude that there’s nothing after thirty, Xiao Zhan emphasised that ‘nothing but thirty’ is by far “just the end of the first 300 meters of a person’s lifelong race towards the finish line. It also marks the beginning of the second half of growing up. Now that the end goal is clear, let’s continue moving forward!


Xiao Zhan also received a lovely surprise from all of his fans as his birthday hashtag #XiaoZhan30thBirthday landed the actor as high as the number 2 spot on Twitter’s worldwide trending list at one point. Fans from Asia and from across the world chimed in with their greetings that also got the hashtag trending in their respective countries at different points in time.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of the actor’s newly released photos his Studio uploaded just for the occasion. Even though he’s the one having the birthday, it’s so sweet that these photos that could belong in any fashion magazine have become the perfect gift for fans.

Xiao Zhan
Xiao Zhan
Studio Photos
Xiao ZHan photos

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