Luo Yunxi Injured After Accidentally Hit by His Co-Star While Filming “Light Chaser Rescue”

Luo Yunxi Suffers Injury After Being Hit by His Co-Star Whilst Filming "Light Chaser Rescue"

Facing off against his TV “rival” didn’t quite end as expected for Light Chaser Rescue 追光者 star Leo Luo Yunxi who was injured during filming last night. Statements from both the actor’s team and Light Chaser Rescue indicate he was accidentally injured. However, the rumourmill says that he was either slapped or punched in the face. Luo Yunxi has also assured everyone that he is okay.

What Happened?

The actor is currently in the middle of wrapping up filming on his latest drama Light Chaser Rescue which saw him reunite with actress Janice Wu Qian for the third time. Yesterday’s scene was supposed to have been his very last for the project when the accident happened. According to statements released by the Light Chaser team, Luo Yunxi was filming a confrontational scene which had Luo Ben his character, involved in a fight. To give further context, the scene called for Luo Ben’s teammate to punch him in anger due to Luo Ben making a grave mistake. Unfortunately, the team said his co-star Rock Ji Huanbo was unable to pull the strength of his punch nor was he able to keep within a safe distance, causing Luo Yunxi to be accidentally hurt. The statements also confirmed that the actor was given emergency treatment and taken to the hospital.

Yunxi Reassures Everyone
Yunxi reassures everyone he’s okay

All is Well

Meanwhile, despite being the injured party, Luo Yunxi still took time to reassure fans that he is alright. Popping up a quick post at half past one in the morning, he said: “ Today is the day we wrap Light Chaser Rescue, but it’s a pity today of all days I was injured. But please, rest assured I was given emergency medical treatment as soon as possible, and that there is no major problem at present.

As an actor, surprises like this whilst filming on set is inevitable. This is all part of being in this profession. At the same time however, this profession has also given me the opportunity to come across invaluable experiences. Whilst filming this drama, I strongly felt the challenges of emergency rescue, the deep connection members of the team have with each other. I felt everyone’s unwavering faith that they will do their best to save lives in the face of disasters. All these experiences have benefitted me a lot.

I hope Light Chaser Rescue can show you these moving and awe-inspiring scenes, so that everyone truly understands the difficulty and greatness of China’s non-governmental emergency rescue teams. I also hope that Light Chaser Rescue can give strength to everyone who are struggling!

Not the First Time

This isn’t actually Luo Yunxi’s first rodeo when it comes to getting injured on set. The actor has been spotted on several occasions being pushed around in a wheelchair from previous injuries. In 2019, he showed up at the airport with his left foot encased in plaster while filming a different drama.

However, given that his injury this time is rumoured to be on his face caused by him getting hit by his co-star, Netizens and fans appear to be less forgiving since extra care and preparation should have been taken. Nonetheless, many fans and Netizens left him messages wishing him well and telling him to get some rest and to get well soon.

“I Was Not Wearing a Ring”

A regretful Rock Ji Huanbo who was shooting the scene with Luo Yunxi also posted a public apology. He said that after three months of filming together, they’ve all developed deep and lasting friendships with each other, Yunxi included.

Initially, I thought it would be a happy end to filming. But because of a mistake I made, I hit Yunxi and caused him harm, at that moment, I felt very scared and very very guilty. Im ashamed of causing a good person, an excellent actor, a very good brother harm because of my mistake. For that, I am very very very sorry. I hope Yunxi can recover as soon as possible and regain his dazzling shine soon. Finally, I once again apologise most solemnly and whole heartedly to Yunxi. I am sorry.”

JI HUanbo Statement
“I Am Very Sorry” says co-star Ji Huanbo. In the comments section, the actor denies wearing a ring whilst they shot the scene.

Likewise, there had also been some speculation that Ji Huanbo had been wearing a ring when they shot the scene which some surmise could’ve caused the injury. To this, the model-actor denies he was wearing a ring. “The ring I proposed with on my previous post was a women’s ring, and you should know that men do not wear diamond rings. I understand very well how everyone is feeling. Believe, I am more guilty and sad than you because he (Yunxi) is such a good person” said Ji Huanbo. While the model-actor has repeatedly apologized, some fans are not buying his explanation.

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