Did Ada Choi and Catherine Hung Stop Being Friends for a Period of Time?

Ada Choi and Catherine Hung

This might be so as Ada Choi admitted on their program Qing Chi Fan de Jie Jie 请吃饭的姐姐 that she once stopped talking to her co-host Catherine Hung for a year. “Everyone can’t be good friends forever. This is impossible. To be honest, each one of them offended me (at a certain point)!” Things got a little more awkward when she pointed at Catherine and said “I’m telling you, I cut all contact with her for a year!

Ada’s reveal comes as a surprise as the ladies who’ve known each other for more than 20 years appear to be quite close. Nonetheless, like any friendship that’s had its highs and its lows over the years, Ada said Catherine had been “in a mood” for a year and became almost another person. That was the reason why she decided to break things off a bit with her friend.

A year later however, all was well again after Ada took the initiative to start the ball rolling and contacted Catherine again. Looking back, Ada jokingly said “don’t say I didn’t talk to her for a year. She too didn’t look for me!” Catherine laughingly fired back at her friend to say “she loves me, she hates me. I can’t do anything about it”. The pair later continued their banter on social media where Catherine posted a clip of the show and cheekily said “I’m a bit insensitive. It’s not on purpose that we didn’t have any contact. It’s just that I knew you love me @Ada Choi. Am I right?” Ada on the other hand didn’t miss a beat when she bantered back “you’re crazy. But I still love you!

Ada Choi and Catherine Hung make up part of the “Gang Pu F4”, a moniker they’ve christened themselves together with fellow Hong Kong actresses Athena Chu and Monica Chan when they formed their group. All four ladies were once super popular in Hong Kong’s entertainment scene during the 90s and have experienced a resurgence in their showbiz careers now that revivals have become a thing.

Ada Choi Catherine Hung Athena Chu and Monica Chan
The four ladies with (G)I-DLE member Song Yuqi and Leo Dong Yanlei

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