Vic Chou and Wife Reen Yu No Longer Keen on Having Another Baby

Vic Chou
Vic Chou and wife Reen Yu
Vic and wife Reen

Spotted on the news this week is former F4 member Vic Chou who recently revealed in an interview why a second baby for him and his wife Reen Yu is currently out of the question. Updates about the notoriously private actor who we occasionally see papped with his wife and even more rarely with his 5-year-old daughter have been few and far between… at least when compared to Jerry Yan who we’ve been seeing dancing around the Call Me by Fire stage lately. Nonetheless, this latest bit about Vic Chou feels quite timely what with his drama Danger Zone also on the air.

Vic Chou says that giving his daughter a complete childhood is important to him, revealing that because of their daughter’s highly sensitive and fragile nature that she needs someone to be with her always. As her parents, he says both he and Reen spend a lot of time with her and for this reason, they don’t plan on having another child anymore. Moreover, because they want to make sure their daughter receives all the love and support she needs growing up, having one daughter is enough at present.

Vic and his wife Reen were married in 2015 and welcomed their daughter in August 2016. Towards the end of last year, the couple became the subject of pregnancy speculation after Reen shared a photo of four ducklings on social media. Those rumours were quickly shut down by the couple though, with Vic even saying at a presscon for Danger Zone that he didn’t know what could’ve sparked those rumours now that Reen has been out of showbiz for years. At the time, he also said that his wife wanted to focus on their daughter and that they had zero plans to add on to their little family.

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