Ron Ng Sparks Dating Rumours After Making Cryptic Post

Ron Ng
Ron Ng
One of Ron’s only posts this year

When it comes to romance, the rumour mill sure loves nothing more than speculating about a celebrity’s budding love life. And when a post from a male celeb suddenly pops up mysteriously indicating just the Weibo handle of a rising singer, you can see why imaginations are suddenly running in overdrive about a potential romance.

Ron Ng Weibo
And the post that sparked a multitude of speculation.

TVB actor Ron Ng has been busily building his very long list of projects that he rarely has time to update social media. For this year alone, he only made two posts (yep just two) on Weibo – one was posted on his birthday last week to thank everyone for their greetings. And the second one, which quite unexpectedly was posted during the wee hours of the morning today and bore only the Weibo handle of singer Hana Kuk 菊梓喬. ​​​​Now as far as mysterious posts go, this really takes the cake which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that Netizens are speculating if Ron Ng and Hana Kuk are secretly dating and this is him putting their relationship out to the public. Granted, this could mean many things. Maybe it’s really just a PR stunt to drum up some buzz for a project they could be collaborating on or a song for his latest drama perhaps? Who knows? It’s purely conjecture at this point.

Ron Ng Sparks Dating Rumours After Making Cryptic Post
Photo from Hana Kuk’s Weibo

Reuniting with TV brother Bosco Wong yet again, Ron is presently hard at work beavering away at the Shaw Brothers’ new web drama entitled ICAC Attack 廉政狙擊 where he plays a seedy lawyer for the rich opposite Bosco’s ICAC Officer who is investigating him. Joining them as well are Vincent Wong, Nancy Wu , Sisley Choi, Shaun Tam and Mandy Wong.

Update 9/11: During an event, Ron Ng denied the dating rumors. He explains that he has known Hana Kuk for some time and they said they’d add each other on Weibo. He simply tagged her to tell her that he’s started following her.

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