Janine Chang In Hot Water? The Actress Denies Being Pro-Independence

Janine Chang
Janine Zhang

As more celebrities get cancelled due to the government’s Qing Lang clean-up campaign, it appears Taiwanese actress Janine Chang might be next in the chopping block after she inevitably drew the ire of Netizens who suspected her of being pro-Taiwanese independence. Responding to the allegations, Janine issued a formal statement.

The One China policy has always been a sensitive issue. Just last month, Dee Hsu and her daughter Elly bore the brunt of Netizen’s outrage after referring to Taiwanese Olympians as “our national athletes”. Although Dee made a statement which came a week later to say that she is not pro-independence, the backlash from both Mainland and Taiwanese Netizens ended up costing her and her daughter several endorsements, and Dee also being labeled as a two-faced money-grubbing celebrity.

Janine’s Previous “Statements” Held Under Scrutiny

In Janine’s case the outrage is based off of her Master’s thesis which she wrote back in 2010. Not entirely sure how Netizens managed to dig up her more than a decade-old Master’s thesis, but her work entitled “Legal Issues in the Management of My Country’s Performing Artists” had folks questioning her stance since the wording “my country” in reference to Taiwan is apparently considered to be pro-independence.

People also took issue over a 2015 interview of her comparing the work environment between the mainland and Taiwan, saying that “Taiwan shouldn’t fall behind”. Janine also recounted an anecdote from her very first project in China. After getting into an argument with her mainland colleague a few moments before a take, her colleague was immediately able to “snap back” into character and cried the requisite tears for the scene. Janine said she was quite shocked at the transformation, telling herself “Taiwan can’t lose”.

C-Netizens took Janine’s comment to mean that she is implying Taiwan is separate from China, accusing her of just wanting to earn money by continuing to work in China.

Janine Chang Issues a Denial

In face of the mounting discussion amongst Netizens, both Janine and her Studio immediately issued a statement to say that she firmly identifies with her Chinese identity and that the rumours were completely baseless. “Throughout the course of my acting career, I have met well-respected industry seniors and aspiring colleagues from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I love acting and treat it as my career. The Chinese on both sides of the strait are part of the Chinese nation. I am not pro-Taiwanese independence…” captioned the actress while simultaneously reposting the statement issued earlier by her Studio on her personal Weibo page.

Statement from Her Studio: “Janine Chang is not pro-Taiwanese independence and has always firmly identified with her Chinese identity. “

How this affects her career and whether Janine Chang will be blacklisted from the industry we’ve yet to see. As of yesterday however, the actress was spotted arriving business as usual in Shanghai’s airport.

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