China’s State Council Makes Its Stance Known Regarding the Future of Taiwanese Artists Working in the Country

Janine Chang and Dee Hsu
Janine Chang and Dee Hsu

Remember when Dee Hsu was slammed by C-netizens over a comment she made on social media that saw the popular host lose her endorsements in China overnight? Or that time when actress Janine Chang’s past statements drew scrutiny over her political stance? People had wondered what it might spell for both their careers. And now, it seems we finally have our answer.

When asked about the incidents where some netizens attacked the two and whether Taiwanese artists will be able to pursue a career in the Mainland, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson Zhu Fenglian said, “We have always actively supported cross-strait culture exchanges and cooperation and warmly welcome Taiwanese entertainers to come to the mainland to develop, share opportunities and realise their dreams. More and more Taiwanese artists are participating in cross-strait film and TV projects as well as variety shows, resulting in many productions that are popular with audiences on both sides of the strait. The potential and capacity for development is huge”.

In recent months, both Janine and Dee had gotten into trouble with some C-netizens when they used the wording “my country” and “our national athletes” in reference to Taiwan. Their comments gave rise to several questions regarding their stance on the controversial One China policy.

Dee Hsu thanks the State Council

Following Zhu Fenglian’s statement, Dee thanked the State Council for their clarification with a shoutout on social media. “Many thanks to the State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office for helping to clarify that I am not pro-Taiwanese independence. And I now ask for the rumours finally to stop here. I wish you all a happy mid-autumn festival celebration.

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