Ariel Lin is Expecting Her First Child!

Ariel Lin Birthday

Ariel Lin is pregnant!!! Excuse the extra excited punctuations but I’m super happy for her now that it’s confirmed she’s pregnant with her first child. Married to businessman Charles Lin since 2015, the Taiwanese actress has been gradually taking a step back from her work commitments in recent years to focus on building her family after she candidly revealed that she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant. Aside from her movie A Choo 打噴嚏 which was released last year, the last time the actress stood in front of the cameras was for the drama I Will Never Let You Go 小女花不棄 which she shot three years ago.

Ariel Lin is Expecting Her First Child!

Last year, Ariel and Charles were forced to put their pregnancy plans on the back burner when the pandemic hit. Of course there’s also the couple’s living situation which didn’t exactly help things with work commitments and then the pandemic forcing to couple to go on LDR for more than half a year. Ariel flew back to Taiwan before the lockdowns hit whilst Charles on the other hand was stuck in the US until travel restrictions were lifted. Nonetheless, Charles finally did manage to find his way back to Taiwan and reunite with his wife.

Ariel Lin
Ariel Lin wrote an article entitled “Yes, I am pregnant”

Despite all the curveballs thrown at their plans for a new addition to their family, this year is quickly turning out to be THE year the couple’s perseverance and hard work will finally pay off as Ariel is already due to give birth by the end of October – oh my goodness that’s already in a few weeks time! When asked at a press event earlier this year whether they plan to give up already after trying almost everything under the sun to get with child, Ariel Lin carefully replied that “this is a very important journey for me. I am going about this prudently and cautiously.”

As for the gender of their baby, that remains a closely kept secret for now so we’ll just have to wait a little bit longer for the announcement. Wishing the expectant mum a safe and speedy delivery next month!

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