Zhang Yuqi Quits “Meeting Mr. Right” After Being Angered Over How Her Boyfriend Was Depicted on the Reality Show

Zhang Yuqi and bf Li Bingxi

Kitty Zhang Yuqi and her boyfriend Li Bingxi, a violinist 8 years her junior, are regulars on Meeting Mr. Right 女儿们的恋爱4. Now on its fourth season, the pair made their relationship public when they signed on for the show. Prior to this, rumours of Zhang Yuqi’s new romance emerged after the pair was spotted holding hands. However, the couple’s stint on the program appear to be a bit short-lived. The couple has cut ties with the production as they accuse the show of “evil editing.”

Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi are quite sweet towards each other on the show. However, a clip from the program showing Bingxi telling her that he wants to go into acting paints him in a not so favourable light. Whilst viewers praised Zhang Yuqi for her level-headedness in telling him that not everyone can act and that it’s better for him to go at it independently as she can’t help him, the editing was also done in a way to make viewers question Li Bingxi’s motives and whether he was just using Zhang Yuqi’s connections to better his career.

Zhang Yuqi Quits “Meeting Mr. Right” After Being Angered Over How Her Boyfriend Was Depicted on the Show

How “Meeting Mr. Right” Got It So Wrong

In her post where she called out the show’s actions as being unacceptable, Zhang Yuqu laments how she now regrets pulling in her boyfriend into this mess. “After ten years working in the industry, I too was once a rookie. Many industry seniors gave me valuable advise based on their experiences. Why is it now that when I give objective advise to someone important to me, it’s suddenly “he’s asking for hand-outs and I’m level-headed”? I’ve been working with Mango TV many times now and it had always been a pleasant experience. To a certain extent I even regard them as my (showbiz) family. I thought we trusted and cared for each other. I never expected to one day become a “means” for them to generate malicious content. Forgive me for not being able to accept this behaviour, I even regret taking Teacher Li to participate in this program and be harmed like this. Hope everyone can know, it’s not appropriate to “bring me up” by “stepping on him” through the editing.” The actress also announced their withdrawal from participating in the remaining activities of Meeting Mr. Right 4.”   

Boyfriend Li Bingxi Explains He Has a New Historical Drama

Likewise, beau Li Bingxi separately clarified how things really went down, saying the conversation was about him asking his girlfriend for her advise as he was about to start filming something he’s never done before. “I’m about to meet a new crew and challenge myself in a historical drama which I’ve never done before. Getting into something new, it’s hard to avoid being anxious so I also wanted to get some input from her (Zhang Yuqi) being a senior actor in the industry. My girlfriend is indeed very level-headed, telling me to be mentally prepared. The road to being an actor is a difficult one, full of challenges and unknown pressures. There are a great many things you need to endure alone, and even if she is beside me, she cannot protect me from reality” he said. Moreover, Li Bingxi also adds that he doesn’t really know how people will “get this” after all the editing done, but that is what he and Zhang Yuqi really talked about that evening.

Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi in Meeting mr Right


Meanwhile, Meeting Mr. Right responded with a short statement saying Zhang Yuqi and Li Bingxi’s discussion about his career is very positive and forward thinking. They also promised the couple’s conversation will be fully presented in the show’s next episode. “Our collaboration has gone well. Moving forward, we wish Miss Zhang Yuqi and Mr Li Bingxi greater happiness.”

We all know how much the truth can get distorted on “reality” TV all in the name of ratings. However, with the show’s integrity blatantly called out, I’m wondering if we’ll see any changes. Can they balance the need to “create” drama more responsibly if there’s even such a thing.

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