Wang Anyu Addresses Stalker Fans in an Open Letter

Wang Anyu Addresses Stalker Fans in an Open Letter

Wang Anyu, the star of upcoming BL-adapted drama Chasing the Light, has recently taken to Weibo to talk about problems he’s faced with sisheng fan (fans obsessed with their idols private lives).

On August 22, he wrote: “Thank you very much to those who like me. Thank you for liking my personality, appearance or the roles I created for everyone on the screen.

I am very happy to meet everyone in public, share my joys, exchange ideas and strive to be a good person. But to be honest, I am just an ordinary person, an ordinary person who wants to be a good actor. Work is a part of my life, but it’s not everything. I also have my own thoughts and my own life. I don’t want for this privacy to be spied on or inspected.

I think each person has a light or dark side. My job is to show you the bright and happy side of myself, but when I am alone, I also need to release my bad emotions. I hope that those who really like me can leave this space to me. Everyone lives only once in few short decades. I hope we can all persist in living our own lives.

A life being suppressed is not what I want.

I hope that a better way for us to meet is not that every time I look back, you are in a dark corner and I tell you “don’t follow anymore,” but to be in a crowd in the open, maybe you will ask “are you Wang Anyu”, I can also answer, “Yes, thank you for knowing me.””

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