Singer Gary Chaw Bit by His Pet Dog Lubee

Singer Gary Chaw Bit by His Pet Dog Lubee
Gary and his pets Bobo, Lubee and BB

Poor Gary Chaw. The singer-songwriter found himself at the receiving end of a dog bite last week from his pet Lubee. Gary nursed Lubee, a stray from Yangmingshan back to health, after he was hit by a vehicle last January. The hit and run caused significant damages to Lubee’s spine, but the trauma from the accident also had a psychological impact on Lubee who developed anxiety and became very territorial.

Singer Gary Chaw Bit by His Pet Dog Lubee

According to Gary’s manager, Lubee tends to growl and pounce as a defence mechanism when he is nervous. Because his limbs were paralysed from the accident, he needs to have his doggie diaper changed frequently. Which is why according to Gary’s manager, almost everyone in the company has already been bitten by Lubee. “An assistant may have frightened him whilst putting on the diaper so Lubee bit him. When Gary saw this, he immediately stood in front of Lubee and squatted down to comfort him. But Lubee was too nervous and bit him too”. Gary took to Instagram with a photo of his pet and blood splattered on the floor with the caption, “Lubee bit me.” He injured his right hand which is now encased in bandages, right foot, face and nose! Eek! His manager also added that Gary has already been treated and recovering from the incident.

It appears all’s good between Gary and Lubee too. Gary and Lubee were spotted on Gary’s more recent Insta posts giving each other lotsa love. “All’s good, all’s good” says Gary. “If I give up on him like people give up on me …. Who am I”?

Gary Chaw isn’t the only celeb dog lover to be bitten by his pet. Earlier in the year, Taiwanese star Elva Hsiao also got bitten in the face by her pet, requiring her to be confined in hospital for a significant period of time to get treated.

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