Qian Feng, Host of Popular Variety Show “Day Day Up” Faces Rape Allegations, Police Say the Case Filed in 2019 Had Inconclusive Evidence

Qian Feng
Qian Feng

The dust has barely settled from Kris Wu’s explosive rape scandal when another woman named Xiao Yi has come forward to accuse Day Day Up host Qian Feng of sexually assaulting her back in 2019 after drugging her. The woman also released CCTV video footage and text evidence to support her case.

The woman in the video fell down to the floor and had to be manhandled up and later into the lift

Allegations Against Him

According to the woman, she met the Day Day Up host at a dinner back in February 2019. She said she started feeling unwell and dizzy after drinking too much fruit wine which was supposed to be a light alcoholic drink only. Later, they went to a KTV place after the meal. After that, Xiao Yi said she fell unconscious, leading her to suspect that she may have been drugged. When she woke up the next day, she found herself in bed with Qian Feng who told her not to worry because he was wearing a condom. Later, he even tried to pay her off in the hopes of downplaying the incident. However, Xiao Yi said she still chose to report him to the police. Medical checks on her injuries confirmed that she had lacerations in her lower body, and when she later confronted Qian Feng at the police station, she said he even tried to stop her and knelt down to beg for mercy, but she rejected it.

In the past two years following the incident, when police still failed to follow up on the case against the Day Day Up host despite her testimony, Xiao Yi admitted that she fell into a downward spiral and battled with depression. She even attempted to commit suicide several times. It was only thanks to her friend’s intervention that she didn’t kill herself.

Two years down the road and with no case filed against Qian Feng still, Xiao Yi decided to come forward to the public. “I have all the audio, video and text evidence. I stand by every word I said and will actively cooperate in the investigation.” Looking at the CCTV footage she released which she said was obtained from the building’s security guard, a man can be seen manhandling an obviously drunk woman across the lobby. Then before they even got into the lift, the woman fell over a few times and had to be forcibly pulled up and dragged into it.

The Police Weigh In

Police Statement regarding the case

After Xiao Yi made her claim public, the Shanghai police put up a post confirming that she had indeed filed a report on February 15, 2019 against TV host Qian Feng for sexual assault. However, after carrying out their investigation in the case and considering physical examination results provided as well interviewing key witnesses including employees from the restaurant, the ride-share driver that brought them to Qian Feng’s residence and the building’s security, they said the results were inconclusive.

The police statement also said that the victim was informed of their decision not to file a case and that she can appeal for reconsideration within 7 days of receiving the notice. However, Xiao Yi did not raise an objection nor did she file an appeal and signed the acknowledgement form instead. Lastly, police said that if any new evidence has been obtained regarding the matter, she can submit it to them which they will then investigate accordingly.

Xiao Yi Issues another Statement

In a later post, Xiao Yi addresses why it took her two years to come forward, saying she was afraid of getting bullied online. However, what’s more explosive is her statement that Qian Feng confessed to sexually assaulting her and that it was recorded on film. “Between the evening of February 15, 2019 and the morning of February 16, 2019, Qian Feng personally confessed to the rape in the interrogation room of the Shanghai Hongqiao Road Police Station. “Sorry I raped you”, he said.

Moreover, Xiao Yi also claims after Qian Feng’s confession, police asked her to sign a mediation agreement which she didn’t agree to, but that she signed the acknowledgement notice that a case will not be filed due to inconclusive evidence because she didn’t understand the law. She thought she didn’t have enough evidence to put him away. Since then, after consulting with lawyer friends who are familiar with the law, she now believes she has sufficient evidence to prove she was sexually assaulted.

And as for providing additional new evidence for the case to the police, she said she’ll sort it out and file a case first thing in the morning.

Hunan TV Suspends Qian Feng

Meanwhile, Qian Feng has already been suspended from his duties by Day Day Up producer Hunan Satellite TV who released a short statement yesterday (August 24) to announce this. “Hunan Satellite TV is concerned about the public’s opinion of host Qian Feng and is in the process of trying to verify information. We will actively cooperate with the investigation of all pertinent authorities and will suspend all work whilst pending a final conclusion.

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