Ouyang Nana’s Announcement as Chaumet’s Newest Ambassador Marred by Controversy

OUyang Nana CHaumet
Ouyang Nana is Chaument's newest brand ambassador

Taiwanese musician actress Ouyang Nana adds another feather to her cap after French jewellery brand Chaumet declares her as the brand’s newest ambassador. However, this new development is not without some controversy, particularly how the announcement mysteriously disappeared from the brand’s official Facebook page following its less than favourable reception amongst Taiwanese Netizens over her appointment.

Wearing a royal blue gown for her Chaumet ad, Ouyang Nana posed with her cello whilst showcasing some beautiful jewellery from the French brand’s Josephine High Jewellery collection. Nonetheless, reaction from Taiwanese Netizens wasn’t quite so warm, with some criticizing her appointment as a “stupid choice” and expressing their preference for Chaumet’s Asia Pacific ambassador – South Korean beauty Song Hye-Kyo instead. Likewise, some have even declared they won’t be supporting the brand anymore. Following the backlash, it appears the post has been quietly removed on Facebook, although the announcement on the brand’s Weibo page is still readily available.

Ouyang Nana Chaumet announcement
You can still find the announcement on the French brand’s Chinese social media page

In recent years, Ouyang Nana has shown her support for the One China policy. Last year, she landed herself in a bit of a sticky situation with Taiwanese authorities after her performance singing patriotic songs in CCTV’s National Day Gala.

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