Cheney Chen’s Beauty Regimen Doesn’t Include Washing His Face with Water

Cheney Chen Xuedong

Here’s an unusual beauty secret from Cheney Chen Xuedong who says he doesn’t use water to cleanse his face. Instead, the L.O.R.D. 2 actor revealed his beauty regimen consisted of him solely using makeup removing sheets with micellar water to get rid of dirt and grime on his face, and that includes stage makeup too!

Cheney Chen Xuedong in Mr Housework 3
Cheney Chen with cast mates Xu Jiaqi and Johnny Huang in Mr Housework 3

Whilst chatting with his Mr. Housework 3 做家務的男人 cast mates in a recent episode, the series regular confided “I haven’t washed my face with water for nearly ten years now. I only use cleansing paper and miscellar water. Afterwards, you don’t even need to follow it up with water to wash everything off!” Kinda hard to imagine not using water for a final rinse tbh, but Cheney is a firm believer that your face secretes oil by itself which has a protective effect.  

As far as beauty secrets go, this really is a bit unexpected considering the amount of makeup actors need to slather on for the cameras. Why, even his cast mate – THE9’s Xu Jiaqi was surprised into saying “that’s all?! Your skin looks so good!” Now before anyone goes haring off to chuck out their cleansing products save for the two he mentioned, Cheney did say that this is just based on his own personal experience and that it has no scientific basis whatsoever. But he also admitted that having acne on his face was something he never really worried about.

Aside from his facial cleansing routine, it appears this “alternative” approach by the actor also applies to his brushing. “Because I don’t often brush my teeth, I always floss all my teeth and then gargle with a mouthwash“. Later, Xu Jiaqi jokingly asked if his approach can also apply for baths. “Why don’t you try not taking a bath for ten years and see if it will be better?” Cheney laughed it off and said “then I won’t have friends anymore!

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