William Chan Looks Like His Grandpa!

William Chan Looks Like His Grandpa!

William Chan got it from his grandpa! All kidding aside, it seems the Novoland: Pearl Eclipse actor inherited some of his good looks from his grandpa as seen in the vintage photos of his grandparents he recently shared. “Mum shared with me some photos of my grandfather and grandmother” he fondly captioned, also sharing a vintage photo of his family back then. Wearing a light coloured suit with his hair neatly combed back, it’s easy to see the similarities of grandpa’s features with his grandson. Do you see the resemblance in their eyebrows, eyes and nose?

William Chan Looks Like His Grandpa!

Looking at the number of times his family appears on his social media feed, it’s clear the singer-actor’s relationship with his mum and his siblings is quite a close one. In fact, his mum and his brother are frequent regulars on his posts with the most recent of them visiting a museum in Shantou and another one of William Chan and his mum on Children’s Day at the beginning of the month.

William Chan with mum and brother
William Chan with his mum and brother on Mother’s Day

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