Tang Yan Shares Rare Photo with Her Daughter for Children’s Day But Husband Luo Jin Is Not Happy

Tiffany Tang Yan with her daughter

Tiffany Tang Yan shared a precious selfie of herself with her daughter yesterday in celebration of Children’s Day. “Baby, happy (children’s day) holiday. Also wishing every child in the world a happy children’s day” she wrote. Although the doting mama and her wee little one were both facing away from the camera as they stood at the river front, it’s easy to see the bond between them.

Unwilling to be “excluded” from the happy occasion, husband Luo Jin jumped into her comments section to chime in with a cheeky little complaint of his own. “What’s happy about it? It’s Children’s Day but her mama still arranged for her to go to class. Not happy at all. Wishing all the children who aren’t in class a happy children’s day!” The cute banter between husband and wife continued with Tang Yan responding to her husband’s comment “Daddy, there’s a special children’s day event today” to which her husband quipped back “Let this Weibo post serve as proof. Just wait until she learns how to read, hope she can see how her dad risked his life to support her”.

Tang Yan Shares Rare Photo with Her Daughter for Children's Day But Husband Luo Jin Is Not Happy

In the past, Tang Yan and her husband Luo Jin have gone to great lengths to keep things private and out of the public eye. So much so that at one point, the famously private pair were even fielding rumours she gave birth to twins all because the public leapt to conclusions whenever someone allegedly close to them let slip a nugget of information. Either way, I’m sure fans of the couple will be over the moon to catch a rare glimpse of their family life as well as the couple’s cute banter.

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