Netizen Claims to Have Gotten Confirmation from Lee Hsin Ai That Tang Yan Has Given Birth to Twins

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And here I thought this was old news because of the number of times I’ve heard it but then I realize that Princess Weiyoung couple Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin have not actually confirmed anything in regards to rumors that she has given birth and now the same rumors are trending again. 

Last month, actress Yan Xuejing, allegedly let slip the news during a livestream. This time, a netizen reveals a screenshot of her alleged chat with Lee Hsin Ai after sending the latter a private message last Feb 15 and recently getting a response. 
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The conversation goes like this. 
Netizen: Jie, did Tang Yan give birth already? Are they brother-sister twins? 
Lee Hsin Ai: Ng Ng (which means Yes) 
Netizen: Oh my god jie, you responded to me 
Lee Hsin Ai played Tang Yan’s villainous sister in Princess Weiyoung, and it’s no secret that Tang Yan and Luo Jin fell for each other because of the drama. It does seem odd that Lee Hsin Ai would be the one to reveal the news instead of the couple themselves so I don’t know how credible the netizen’s claims are. 
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Tang Yan and Luo Jin tied the knot in 2018. Many were excited for the couple when they finally revealed last September that the actress was expecting. Of course, it’s up to the couple when they actually want to share the news, but I’m just happy for them. When asked by the media, Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s staff have said that they aren’t sure and unable to respond for the time being. 
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