Luo Yunxi Studio Slams Rumours that Sickness Was the Cause of Actor’s Thinner Appearance

Luo Yunxi

Fans of Immortality actor Leo Luo Yunxi have been quite worried about him lately after catching a glimpse of the idol’s seemingly thin and gaunt appearance for an ad campaign he recently took part in. Whilst many of his fans were understandably concerned about his health,  asking him to eat more especially after seeing his sunken eyes and cheeks, other Netizens have questioned whether the actor is sick or is suffering from anorexia.  His bashers on the other hand also chimed in with their own two cents, commenting he’s not worthy to be a star, that he’s so skinny like a ghost and that he is setting a poor example for impressionable young minds.

In any case, his fans were quick to jump to his defence though, saying it’s most likely just a lighting difference that’s causing him to look skinny. Luo Yunxi Studio echoed this in a similar vein when it released a statement to say his thin appearance is just the result of poor lighting.

Likewise, Luo Yunxi Studio shared a statement released by his agency Zhong Shi Tong Cheng 中视同成 which emphasised the speculation (that he is sick) are all untrue and constitutes as defamation infringing on his rights. Furthermore, they reserves the right to institute legal proceedings against parties who insist on spreading further falsehoods to protect their artist.  

Luo Yunxi Studio slams rumours that he's sick
Statement from Zhong Shi Tong Cheng (中视同成)

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