Lai Kuanlin Released from Contract After Finally Winning Lawsuit Against CUBE Entertainment

Lai Kuanlin

Lai Kuanlin wins suit against CUBE Entertainment two years since filing a motion to terminate his contract with CUBE on grounds that the agency had taken measures that violated their contract.

After several failed appeals, the former Wanna One member received the good news today after the Seoul Central District Court finally ruled in his favour, pronouncing invalid the exclusive contract between the singer-actor and CUBE Entertainment.

In 2019, speculation that all was not well between the A Little Thing Called First Love actor and his agency when Kuanlin started posting cryptic messages on InstaStories warning off an unidentified someone. When word got out about the lawsuit, Lai Kuanlin’s camp alleged that CUBE Entertainment sold the rights to his Chinese activities to a third party in 2018 without the artist or his family’s knowledge or consent. This breach in trust they said, led to Kuanlin’s request to be released from his contract.

On the other hand, CUBE Entertainment has always maintained that they did not violate the terms of their contract and as such has “no reason to terminate the contract with Lai Kuanlin”. Moreover, they claimed that both Kuanlin and his dad affixed their seals signalling their approval on the contract to sell his management rights to a third party. However, this claim made by CUBE was something hotly contested by the singer who in a statement through his lawyer denied having seen the contract personally, even more so having never given his approval to stamp the contract with his seal. As such, part of the suit raised by the singer against CUBE also alleges the agency forged his approval, hence requiring CUBE to prove their claim in the ensuing legal proceedings between them.

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