Jelly Lin Yun Greets “Boss” Stephen Chow for His Birthday

Jelly Lin and Stephen Chow
Happy Birthday to director Stephen Chow!

Hong Kong director Stephen Chow celebrates his 59th birthday today and on hand to help him celebrate is his The Mermaid star Jelly Lin Yun who was thrust into the spotlight after being lucky enough to have been hand-picked for the lead role by the director slash producer-actor himself. Taking to social media to post her birthday greeting at the stroke midnight, Jelly wrote “Wishing a very happy birthday to my handsome and lovely boss”. The actress also popped in several vintage photos of her mentor. In the six years that she’s known him, the actress has never failed yet to greet him for his birthday.

Jelly Lin Yun Greets Bossman Stephen Chow

It can be said that Jelly Lin Yun got her big break in the industry thanks to Stephen Chow who said she was selected out of thousands of women because she had that je ne said quoi quality about her that caught the attention of both The Mermaid’s casting team and Stephen’s. And so, despite her next to zero acting experience, Jelly made waves in the industry after landing herself the titular lead role of Shan Shan for her acting debut no less.  She is also expected to return for the Mermaid sequel.

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