“Mermaid 2” leading man is not Kris Wu

Jelly Lin Yun Mermaid
Until the cast is officially announced, the guessing game continues for the anticipated Mermaid 2, which is a movie that is a hallmark of Stephen Chow’s flair for the fantasy comedy genre. Leading lady Jelly Lin Yun who shot up to stardom overnight because of the movie has long been attached to the sequel but the leading man remains a big question mark. 

Kris Wu Stephen Chow Mermaid
Latest reports have said that Kris Wu who played the character Long Jianfei in the first movie reprises his role as one of two leading men. The other one is actor Ai Lun whose name came up a few months back as he was seen filming on set. Further confirmation from Stephen Chow’s personnel reveal that the rumors about Kris Wu are untrue. 
Jelly Lin Yun wrap Mermaid 2
Filming which began in March of this year has wrapped on June 15, 2018. We only know this because Lin Yun posted about her last day on social media and even the picture she posted has been blurred out. Here’s a wild guess. What if the leading man is Stephen Chow?!?
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