Fan Chengcheng Suffers an Injury Whilst Filming “Chasing the Light”

Fan Chengcheng

Poor Fan Chengcheng. The young actor appears to have injured himself while on the set of his latest project Chasing the Light 左肩有你, the live-action drama adaptation of the BL novel SaYe from author Wu Zhe.

Fan Chengcheng injury

This was confirmed by the youth drama’s screenwriter who shared a photo of the actor’s injury showing his arms covered with bruises and his elbow red and swollen. Supposedly, Chengcheng performed his own stunts and did not require a stand-in, and despite wearing protective gear, he was inevitably injured. A separate video captured by fans as he exited an airplane also showed him slowly limping along. Worry not however as the actor is said to have been back to work by the afternoon!

Aside from Fan Chengcheng who stars as Jiang Cheng, Chasing the Light also stars Wang Anyu as Gu Fei and child actress Angela Wang Shengdi as Gu Miao.

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