Zhang Heng Wins Sole Custody Over His Two Children with Ex Zheng Shuang

Zhang Heng Gets Custody
A caricature of Zhang Heng and his two kids taken from his original post that started the wheels turning …

In what is hopefully the culmination to the surrogacy and abandonment scandal that rocked the entire entertainment industry earlier this year, a Denver court has awarded Zhang Heng sole custody of the two children caught in the very public fight between himself and ex Zheng Shuang.

Zhang Heng shared the news very early this morning where he also said Zheng Shuang was also granted some visitation rights. “I am very pleased and I am willing to believe that Ms. Zheng Shuang will fulfill her responsibilities and obligations as a good mother in the future, so that the children will grow up without regret” he writes.

In his very long statement, the father of two expressed his many regrets, apologising first to his two children, his parents and to the public for his inexcusable actions.  To his kids, Zhang Heng asked forgiveness for being a bad father. “I am sorry to you my dear children. I am not a good father to you both because I failed to give you a complete home. I wasn’t able to let you experience maternal love even for just a day … One day, when you’re all grown up and see this letter of apology, daddy will say to you again, I’m sorry my children, please accept daddy’s apology!

Zhang Heng
THE photo that revealed the existence of the two children he fathered with Zheng Shuang via surrogates

Meanwhile, to his parents, Zhang Heng asked their forgiveness for being an unfilial son: “as a son, I want to tell my dad the reason why I say it here (in a public post) is because I have no “face” to face you with. My biggest pain is the price both you and mom paid for the sake of my relationship. Because of me and my kids, you both stopped working and sold your house. Because of me, you couldn’t sleep, you couldn’t eat. I pretended not to see you falling apart, pretended that you haven’t grown older. I took advantage of your love for me which cost you everything you worked so hard for your entire life. But I never told you this:  I’m sorry. I haven’t been a filial son, I am a wicked person. Today, I do not expect you to forgive me, I just want to say: I owe you, and that an entire lifetime is not enough to pay you back.”

Lastly, Zhang Heng also expressed his regrets to the public for failing to be a good example to others. “..I am sorry!!! I didn’t abide by the law and I ignorantly went to the US to pursue surrogacy. After everything that happened, I cowardly comforted myself that I am just an average, ordinary person. But the truth of the matter is, whether I like it or not, I am no longer just an ordinary person.  Today, a lot of people look up to me, that is to say, I bear a lot of social responsibilities that I cannot escape. Therefore, I solemnly promise: I am willing to accept whatever punishment the country and the law will place upon me. I openly accept whatever criticism from everyone. I am sorry!

Zhang Heng included this photo in his long statement.

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