Wang Leehom Reveals a Brand New Look for his 45th Birthday

Leehom's New Look

Chuck away that clean-cut image of Wang Leehom in your mind because he has a new look. Leehom recently shared a photo of himself sporting long braided locks and lotsa facial hair. Granted, the facial hair isn’t entirely new as he has been sporting a less full version of it on his recent Instagram photos. But his newly braided locks certainly are. What do you guys think?

The multitude of lockdowns rolled out globally since Covid hit had many of us missing some 1:1 alone time with our barbers and hairdressers. With restrictions in place, long hair was definitely a look many of us were pressed to “try”. Perhaps this is Leehom giving the lockdown look a try? “I honestly don’t remember when was the last time I shaved or cut my hair” captioned the singer with the hashtag “birthday braids”. Whilst many were quite surprised at the direction his new look is going – some even asking if it’s for a new album cover, fans have wished him a happy birthday as the singer-actor turned 45 on May 17.

Wang Leehom with Pals
Wang Leehom with his friends .. yup that’s actor Wallace Huo on the left

Here’s wishing Wang Leehom a very happy birthday and many more happy returns!

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