Baby News: Wang Lee Hom and Lee Jing Lei

Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei playful couple
Taiwanese-American actor and singer, Wang Lee Hom, recently posted a photo of himself and his wife, Lee JingLei, on Facebook. While his wife was busy using the phone, the caption read, “How much more do I have to workout for JingLei to take notice?” I don’t know about her but if my husband looked anything like that, I would definitely be looking! Like all the time! ??

Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei playful couple
The following day, his wife took a sneaky video while Wang Lee Hom was about to step into the shower. It’s definitely the closest we’re ever gonna get to hearing Lee Hom singing in the shower. I just love how even after 5 years of marriage, they are still loving and playful towards each other. 
Three days later, when Lee Hom was in Beijing for his world concert tour on April 13, he confirmed the rumors that the couple are indeed expecting their third child. He also shared that it’s going to be a boy. 
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