Michelle Chen Asked to Comment on Netizens Telling Chen Xiao “He Can Now be With Zhao Liying”

Michelle Chen Asked to Comment on Netizens Telling Chen Xiao "He Can Now be With Zhao Liying"
Chen Xiao with wife Michelle Chen

You’ll never guess what shippers of the Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying pairing have done as soon as the Legend of Fei actress announced her divorce from husband Feng Shaofeng last month. Super fans of their Legend of Lu Zhen tandem have been leaving messages on Chen Xiao’s social media telling him “you can now be with Zhao Liying!” That he’s married to his Taiwanese wife Michelle Chen didn’t appear to matter …

Starring in the Yu Zheng produced Legend of Lu Zhen was what actually launched Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao’s careers in showbiz as their on-screen chemistry was so believable that the pair were rumoured to be dating at the time. The fact that Chen Xiao is now married to Michelle Chen certainly didn’t stop shippers from pushing for their favourite couple pairing to finally get together though with a lot of people in the comments telling him to “hurry up Zhao Liying is divorced, what are you waiting for?” Others even flat out told him to get divorced and marry his LoLZ co-star.  

While Chen Xiao and Michelle are no strangers to divorce rumours cropping up every once in a while since getting hitched in 2016, the couple’s relationship appears to be going strong since meeting on the set of 2014’s The Romance of the Condor Heroes where they play Xiaolongnu and Yang Guo. The couple also have a son called Chen Muchen.  So really, as far as fans taking things a little too far goes, pushing for him to divorce his wife surely takes the cake!

Meanwhile, when asked whether she was angry about the rather upsetting comments, wife Michelle believes that two people who experience happy and good things together will also have conflicts and disputes. But what’s important is that both parties strongly believe the other is a good person. “Any relationship takes time to manage and nurture. Couples always want their significant other to be happy”. At the end of the day, Michelle says “the subject of marriage is between the two of us. As long as things between us are good, we needn’t pay attention to other things”.

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