Yu Zheng Denies Alluding to Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao in Now Deleted Post

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We’re already a few days into the new year but it seems screen writer and drama producer Yu Zhengis sticking to his same old antics when it comes to stirring up some hype. The controversial producer wrote a long post yesterday about how he was writing a contemporary series based on real people with one of the stories based on a real life romance. 

From the details the producer let fly – how “the boy and the girl crossed paths whilst filming a drama, and then co-starred opposite each other as the hero and protagonist, girl loved the boy very much but boy felt suffocated, then girl’s career started taking off while boy’s career remained stagnant despite him putting a lot of effort to prove himself, how the pair inevitably separated. The years pass and both are married to other people; then one day while boy had one too many drinks, he revealed to a common friend how he’d always loved this girl, but at that time he was too young and too stubborn…”, Netizens couldn’t help surmise that the blind item must be alluding to Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao who starred in Female Prime Minister (produced by Yu Zheng) and whose on screen chemistry first had viewers buzzing about a possible romance between the two.  
Further adding buzz to the speculation was how the post was deleted shortly after it just got posted! Gotta hand it to Netizens though as they were nimble fingered enough to screen cap the post and catch the subsequent deletion.
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Anyway, before things get further out of hand, Yu Zheng has already issued a statement today denying that he was referring to Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao. “No no, I certainly didn’t expect to see the names of these two when I wrote that post. I just wanted to introduce Zhang Nan (who will be playing one of the characters) in my post. But then I saw the comments online which were very far-fetched! So I thought, it’s going to trend, I’d better delete it pronto, but it still trended. I’m sorry if the post bothered anyone. But you can’t really blame me, I definitely didn’t overthink this. You guys think too much. So just let it go yeah, look at the snow, today’s snowfall in Beijing is quite beautiful.” Yu Zheng definitely isn’t a stranger to controversy, but then again maybe everyone’s just overthinking it.
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