Liang Jie and Fiancé Purba Rgyal Announce Their Split

Liang Jie and ex-fiance Purba Rygal

Three years into their engagement, actress Liang Jie and her fiancé Purba Rgyal reveal that they have called it quits. The couple’s split appears to be an amicable one though judging from the separate confirmations the former couple have shared on social media.

Last year, there had been reports that the relationship had run its course after people noticed their proposal video was taken down. Netizens have also pointed out that the couple hasn’t been seen together for a long time. Whilst the speculation remained unconfirmed at that time, it seems the rumour mill was bang on the money after all.

Liang Jie wrote “the past was very beautiful, and the future will be bright for both of us @Purba Rgyal.” Purba Rgyal wrote the same message while tagging her. Meanwhile, both confirmed through their studios what people have been saying all along “Mr Purba Rgyal  and Miss Liang Jie have ended their relationship last year and have broken up amicably. Thankful for the trust and the mutual support in our past relationship. Best of luck in your future. Furthermore, hope to avoid any baseless speculation, thank you for your concern.”

Liang Jie and Purba Rgyal’s romance first came to light when the two were spotted kissing at a restaurant in 2017. A year later, the couple announced their engagement in 2018. With her star just beginning to rise, many people were surprised when the then 23-year-old Eternal Love actress and her beau got engaged. Nonetheless, many were very happy for her when they saw the lovebirds were very happy together. It’s unfortunate to hear that things didn’t work out.

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