“The Eternal Love” star Liang Jie says yes to Purba Rgyal’s wedding proposal

Eternal Love star Liang Jie engaged Purba Rgyal
On Feb 1, Purba Rgyal uploaded a photo with Liang Jie on weibo with the caption ‘Love you’ in Tibetan language. More reports reveal that that he actually proposed to her in front of family and friends and was positively over the moon when she accepted. I hadn’t even heard that they were dating so this is like a wedding and dating announcement to me. 
The 23-year-old Liang Jie is just at the beginning of her career after the success of The Eternal Love last year, so it’s a bit unexpected to hear that she’s engaged so soon. I guess this dashes any hope of a Xing Zhaolin and Liang Jie pairing, but at least they’ll be reunited in The Eternal Love 2. Besides, real life romance always trumps fiction and the two seems so happy together. If, like me, you were also wondering about the age difference, they’re 9 years apart. 

Eternal Love star Liang Jie engaged Purba Rgyal
Eternal Love star Liang Jie engaged Purba Rgyal
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