Is that an Engagement Ring on Joe Chen’s Finger?

Is That an Engagement Ring on Joe Chen's Finger?

In her latest Instagram update for the solar term xiaoman, Joe Chen posted a short clip of herself and the caption, “Joe sees tenderness in everything, little happiness is always there. #xiaoman” Many noticed that Joe appears to be wearing a diamond ring on her left hand and asked if she’s engaged.

Is That an Engagement Ring on Joe Chen's Finger?

Furthermore, Joe actually posted a photo of that exact same moment last April. Some wondered if she photoshopped the ring out because she wasn’t wearing it then. At the time, Joe Chen who was at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan posted a short snippet from the poem Summer Sun 夏天的太阳, “You come to earth once, you bask in the sun with the person you love and walk along the road together. ~Hai Zi. The sun is in charge of beauty and I’m in charge of laughing.” Fellow actress-singer Doris Lai commented, “Soooo sweetttt! Very important to find the person you can be with all the time.”

Joe Chen and Alan Chen made their relationship status public in late 2019 after having met on the Chinese dating reality show Finding Mr. Right. Joe has previously said that whether she’s engaged or not is her personal business and not something she has to tell anyone. Either way, if this is an engagement reveal, happy for them!

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