Joe Chen Is Officially OFF The Dating Market After Finding Love in the Reality Show Meeting Mr. Right

The old adage fake it till you make it may hold true to lots of situations in show business, but for actress Joe Chen and new beau Alan Chen, their new relationship is nothing but genuine.  Alan was partnered with Joe when she signed up as a series regular for the reality dating show Meeting Mr Right’s second season. As the show’s only bachelorette, Joe went on arranged dates with Alan to get to know each other and determine their compatibility, which I guess they were. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the two got together for the final episode of the series.

For many viewers, the problem was that the relationship looked like it was scripted just for the show. I mean, Joe, the bachelorette looking for her man was such a big draw for fans that things ending any other way would be such a huge let down, wouldn’t it? A big problem if the production was aiming to be on air for a few more seasons. So of course with things ending like it did, it’s entirely understandable why some of us were pretty skeptical about their new romance – hopeful, but still skeptical.  That’s why it was quite lovely to see that the two also made it official on their social media accounts!
Joe posted “Joining Meeting Mr Right was all about falling in love. I didn’t sign on for the appearance fee. Thank you to the program’s team. Thank you even to the dolphins for their blessing (The dolphins weren’t part of the script too!). This was completely unscripted. Thank you for your concern about me. Love did not give up on me, and it won’t abandon the people that believe in love”.
Alan on the other hand also wrote a sweet message – “In the world of billions of people, we were meant to find each other. Love never leaves us or anybody. A life of a few decades is too short for anything, so just be brave to love! The happy moments seen by all, can only be truly felt by two. Thank you Mango TV, viewers and the family of dolphins for the blessings. Thank you Joe.”  
Some of Joe’s fans though are still quite protective of their idol. Since Alan is pretty much non-showbiz, the few that have taken to examining his social media were questioning his interactions with IG accounts of ladies wearing skimpy outfits and pole dancing. Alan also addressed this topic before it could turn into an issue as some of these ladies are his friends who’ve taken on pole dancing as a hobby. 
“I am an ordinary person and had never thought of getting any attention through the program. About the topic floating around the internet today, the public said that I like Internet celebrities, big chests and erotic pole dancers. This is a misinterpretation. They are all my friends, and they have legitimate careers. The woman in the first photo is an accountant; pole dancing is her leisure and entertainment. And she doesn’t dance at the club, she goes to the studio to learn. She is married and her husband also dances with her.” Alan took the opportunity to also apologise to his friends in the post “I thought there was nothing out of the ordinary about this. I would like to apologise to my friends as they shouldn’t have been dragged into this in the first place. In fact I too can’t wrap my head around why this is an issue. I want to apologise to my friends and say sorry.”
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