Harry Hu Yunhao Quietly Tied the Knot with Wife Sun Jing in 2017

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Harry Hu Yunhao Quietly Tied the Knot with Wife Sun Jing in 2017

In other news, another actor who secretly married is Harry Hu Yunhao who unbeknownst to us all has already been off the market for four years! Hu Yunhao’s wife, stylist Sun Jing, shared a copy of their marriage certificate wishing her husband a happy anniversary. So it appears a belated congratulations is in order to them both!

The actor who appeared in various dramas like The Mystic Nine as Chen Pi, Like a Flowing River and Eternal Love of Dream since debuting six years ago married his wife Sun Jing back in May 26, 2017.  “It’s our fourth anniversary, I hope our family will be in perfect order.*cat emojis* @ Harry Hu Yunhao” she writes. While the couple has been married for four years already, they don’t have any children yet. They do however share two super adorable fur babies between them.

Aside from their marriage certificate, Sun Jing also shared some snapshots of their everyday home life doing things normal couples do like hanging out and cuddling with their two kitties.

I say, with Netizen’s “investigative skills”, it’s amazing how they both managed to keep their personal lives under wraps for four years! Nonetheless, I’m truly happy for them both to have found each other. A belated happy anniversary to the couple once again.

Harry Hu Yunhao Cats
the couple’s super adorbs fur babies

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