Benny Chan, Yang Chaoyue, Etc Try Their Hand at the “Chain Dance” Challenge Trending on Douyin

Benny Chan and Yang Chaoyue give the popular Chain Dance challenge a try
Benny Chan and Yang Chaoyue give their own spin on the Chain Dance challenge trending on Douyin

If 2020 (and the first half of 2021!) was to be described in a nutshell, it’s pretty much the year we all spent at home. Yep, with all the on-again/off-again lockdowns instituted globally, it’s the year we’ve all spent hibernating. But luckily, at least we have social media to help us cope. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, TikTok has become all the rage, bringing with it a plethora of choices from breadmaking and song mashups to dancing as a means to escape even just for a little while.

With plenty of things going viral weekly, there’s surely something for everyone. This week, TikTok’s Chinese equivalent Douyin saw the rise of the “Chain Dance” challenge with more than 330 million hits on the 10,000 clips already uploaded on the platform.

Show Lo trying the Chain Dance

Copied from a spoof where an artist wore a giant chain (hence the name) hooked from his ear to his lip and dancing, even celebs are jumping in on the fun. Former Rocket Girl Yang Chaoyue gave it a try by using an ordinary necklace hooked on her ear which she bit on the other end. Her Produce 101 mentor Show Lo too who’s now a Youtuber trying to stage his showbiz comeback following his scandal also gave the trend a whirl, completing his dance ensemble with a giant chain and wig. Meanwhile, Hong Kong actor Benny Chan appeared to also be enjoying himself as well when he gave the trend a test drive.

Have you seen this dance trending yet?

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