The Ideal City Snaps Up Sun Li and Mark Chao to Lead the Drama Whilst Yang Chaoyue Appears in a Supporting Role

Sun Yi and Mark Chao
Sun Yi and Mark Chao stars in The Ideal City

A little update for Betty Sun Li and Mark Chao fans, the drama they’ve both been working on since mid August entitled The Ideal City 理想之城 just offered up some fresh posters today. The story is adapted from the novel Su Xiao’s War  苏筱的战争 written by Ruo Hua Ranran and is about a female engineer’s hard climb to the top in the male dominated world of construction.

Respected actress Sun Li plays Su Xiao, the construction engineer picking up the tatters of her career and starting back from zero. While her efforts to get her career back on track appear to be heading in the right direction, it hits another speed bump once again. Meanwhile, Mark Chao co-stars as Sun Li’s romantic interest Xia Ming. Admittedly, the story doesn’t quite sound like something I’d normally gravitate to if I’m being honest. But I’m really glad to see that after quite a long absence in the entertainment scene, Mark Chao is slowly getting back on the grind and following up his performance in Ordinary Glory with a new project!

I don’t want to play the heroine anymore

Second Lead
Yang Chaoyue and Liu Yichang

Aside from these two, former Rocket Girl Yang Chaoyue is also listed as part of the show’s cast. From the way her photo is situated right beside Liu Yichang’s, it’s very possible that both actors have been pegged as each other’s love interest in the drama. But that’s just a guess hey. Now you might be wondering why the idol has been relegated to a supporting role (or maybe not, coz… Sun Li) in The Ideal City.

Thing is, Yang Chaoyue herself had previously revealed that “she didn’t want to play the heroine anymore. Playing the protagonist is too much pressure because the entire drama revolves around you”. Moreover, she also said she took on The Ideal City so that she can learn from her other cast mates. Playing the heroine basically puts her at the top. However, Yang Chaoyue is keen to take part in other dramas where the actors are of a higher caliber and learn from the atmosphere and general feeling pervading in those kind of productions.

Meanwhile, also spotted amongst the stills are Chen Minghao, Gao Ye, Li Chuanying, Zhang Shu, Qian Yi with actor Yu Hewei guest starring.

Here’s a fun little throwback to Sun Li and Mark’s celebration for their consecutive birthdays on September 26 and September 25 since today’s Thursday and all.

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