Zhang Ruoyun Sues His Father Zhang Jian Over a Contract Dispute

Zhang Ruoyun Sues His Father Zhang Jian Over a Contract Dispute

Zhang Ruoyun‘s (张若昀) career soared to new heights in Joy of Life. His love story with wife Tang Yixin with whom he has a daughter is also the envy of many. Unfortunately, the actor seems to have run into some legal disputes. According to Faren Magazine, Zhang Ruoyun has formally filed a lawsuit against his father, filmmaker-writer-director Zhang Jian (张健) and Zhejiang Nanbeihu Mengdu Film Co., Ltd. (Mengdu).

His legal troubles for alleged breach of contract were actually revealed by the media last year. According to reports, Zhang Ruoyun was supposed to film four projects with Huace Group between April 2017 to September 2019, none of which panned out. In response, Zhang Ruoyun took to Weibo to say, “No contract was signed, no money was received.”

In 2019, Huace Group submitted a request for arbitration to Hangzhou Arbitration Commission to terminate the cooperation agreement with Mengdu and require them to return the renumeration of 144 million yuan (approximately USD 22m) as well as damages. At the same time, they request the relevant personnel to bear the liabilities for the above-mentioned debt. Zhang Ruoyun repeatedly submitted requests to to the court indicating that they have no jurisdiction over him because his signature in the cooperation agreement was forged. However, his request was denied with the most recent dismissal made by Zhejiang Higher People’s Court in January 2021. Subsequently, Zhang Ruoyun has filed a case against his father Zhang Jian and Mengdu. The trial began on April 21.

Zhang Jian stated that Zhang Ruoyun’s talent fees and other matters in the cooperation agreement were authorized by Zhang Ruoyun via Wechat for Zhang Jian and Mengdu to negotiate, confirm and sign on his behalf; Zhang Ruoyun did not personally sign the cooperation agreement but his signature seal is affixed on the document.

Update Sep 2021: According to public records, Zhang Ruoyun has applied to withdraw his lawsuit which the court has approved.

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