Original Cast Likely to Return for Joy of Life Season 2, Script is in Preparation

zhang ruoyun qing yu nian/ joy of life
I wish I had something more definitive to share but with all the hints that the cast and now the writer have been dropping, things are definitely looking up for Joy of Life Season 2 庆余年2.

qing yu nian/ joy of life li qin
In a recent interview, Joy of Life screenwriter Wang Juan revealed that a script is in preparation and that the chances for the original cast to return is very high. Previous to that, Zhang Ruoyun who plays the main protagonist Fan Xian had said something similar when he said that there was always a complete plan from the very beginning.
qing yu nian/ joy of life wang qinian
Furthermore, Zhang Ruoyun was in an interview with actor Tian Yu who plays his money-grubbing yet loyal sidekick Wang Qinian when both said that they’ll work hard to prepare season 2. Zhang Ruoyun also revealed that Chen Daoming who plays the Qing Emperor has been rushing for progress as well and saying that they should get to making season 2 fast. 
qing yu nian/ joy of life qing di
qing yu nian/ joy of life chen pingping

Joy of Life may be planned for three seasons but there have been too many instances  where subsequent seasons just don’t happen so the comments from the cast are certainly reassuring. Yet it’s too big a cast that I wonder if it’s really possible to get everybody. Can you imagine Fan Xian without his immediate family? without Lin Wan’er? without Wu Zhu? The list goes on. Please drama gods, make it happen! 

qing yu nian/ joy of life fan ruoruo
qing yu nian/ joy of life fan jian
qing yu nian/ joy of life fan sizhe
qing yu nian/ joy of life wu zhu
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