Zhang Han Thanks Fans for Their Concern After Sharing Long Workdays of Up to 23 Hours

Zhang Han Cover
Zhang Han on the show

Here’s your little reminder to give yourself a breather whether you’re still working from home or already back in the office. Hans Zhang Han recently revealed in an episode of Workplace Newcomers 初入职场的我们 that he normally clocks in 12 hours whilst filming on set. One time, whilst filming the drama Gentlemen Attention Please 先生们请立正 he said he was up shooting for 23 hours on his very first day on set. After which he also found himself sitting down with the editing team to go through the takes to ensure the quality of the finished piece.

Zhang Han

Chalk it up to dedication to his craft or him being a workaholic but that’s a huge departure from your usual 8 to 5. However as laudable as his commitment to his work is, working for super long hours without any rest will definitely catch up one way or another. According to the actor, once his rigorous filming schedule ends, he’ll sometimes feel under the weather and experience body aches or chest pains.

Whatever his plans are in the future, I sure hope Zhang Han won’t overdo it and clearly that’s something his fans also agree with. As messages of support and care started coming in, the actor through his studio thanked his fans for their concern.

Zhang Han Thanks Fans
Zhang Han thanks everyone for their concern

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