Word of Honor to Hold Two Concerts in May, Sells Out of Tickets in Seconds

Word of Honor stars Zhang Zhehan and Simon Gong Jun

Fans of the super popular Word of Honor have another reason to rejoice as the show will be giving one last hurrah when it holds its  big concert in a few week’s time on May 3rd and 4th. Much like its predecessor The Untamed which also held multiple concerts at the peak of its popularity in 2019, tickets to the live event immediately sold out as soon as it came on sale earlier today. However, fret not if you didn’t manage to snag one for yourself because the event will also be streamed on the Youku app.

Word of Honor to Hold Two Concerts in May, Sells Out of Tickets in Seconds

Now if you’re wondering what’s in store for fans, a wee little birdie going by the name of Simon Gong Jun actually let slip a little bit of a spoiler when he revealed they’ll be singing the theme song Tian Wen originally sung by Liu Yuning. Simon’s known to be adorably tone deaf so not sure how that’s gonna work out for him. It is a concert after all … But as always, you can be sure he’ll make up for it with his big big smile and enthusiasm. Perhaps Zhang Zhehan will do the singing and Simon the dance bits? Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with in the end!

Whatever the case though, there’s nary a doubt in my mind that fans and viewers are in for a jolly good time based on the antics of these two alone. Imagine what will happen when these two are joined by the rest of the cast.

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