R1SE’s Ren Hao Receives Flak for His Comments on the Fukushima Wastewaters Problem

Ren Hao
Ren Hao

Laying low after his dating controversy last year, R1SE member Ren Hao is back in the spotlight as he slides to the top of the trending list yesterday after suggesting China help Japan deal with their wastewater problem from the Fukushima plant instead of dumping it into the ocean. After the singer’s post went viral, the post was abruptly deleted from his account which he says “wasn’t his personal choice to do so”. Today, Ren Hao issued an apology for his comments.

After the Japanese government announced this week their decision to release more than a million tons of treated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the ocean, Ren Hao wrote a now deleted piece proposing China to offer its assistance to solve the issue. “Regarding the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, if we utilize a larger cover to seal the area, we can close it off as a nuclear wastewater treatment plant. If our motherland is willing to help, the whole world will be able to witness Chinese might and the wonders of Chinese engineering.  We will never forget the war, but this blue planet is everyone’s home.

Ren Hao's Now Deleted Post

Ren Hao received a lot of flak after Netizens called him out for his ignorant and tasteless comments. So much so that he was “forced” to delete the post when it started getting a lot of hits online. However, the singer immediately followed up his action by putting up another post saying he deleted his previous post not by choice. “If being mocked can rally everyone’s attention to the protection of the earth and its oceans from destruction, then I am quite happy to be scolded. I am not a scientist. Like you, I am just living on the dust of this planet. Thank you for seeing this.”

Follow Up Comment

Today, after taking some time to sleep on it, Ren Hao once again took to social media to share another post. This time however, the post came in the form of an apology. “ I am Ren Hao. I want to express my sincerest apologies for my improper remarks on social media recently. I fully realise my ignorance and personally feel the social responsibility I bear. Thank you to everyone for the support and criticism. I will listen carefully, keeping in mind to put my efforts on studying hard and working hard to become a qualified writer and artist. Once again, I would like to apologise to everyone. I made a mistake.”

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