Another Reality Show Couple is Born as Olivia Wang Finds Love with Non-Showbiz Beau

Olivia Wang Zhiwen
AW❤️AW ​​​​captioned the actress.
AW for Andrew Wu, Wu Yong’en’s English name and AW for “Ava” Wang – the nickname Wu Yong’en gave her on the show. The actress also updated her Weibo Profile name from “Wang Ziwen Olivia” to “Wang Ziwen Ava”.

A happy beginning appears to be in sight for actress Olivia Wang Ziwen and her new beau Wu Yong’en. After yesterday’s episode showing the couple hugging it out and kissing aired, the actress made the relationship Instagram official (except it was on Weibo) with a new post showing herself and Wu Yong’en smiling happily for the camera.

Many of you might recognise Wu Yong’en who also goes by the name Andrew as her date on the show A Journey for Love 怦然再心动, a dating reality program that follows female celebrities looking for another chance at love. It was actually whilst she was on a date with Wu Yong’en that Olivia finally admitted on camera for the very first time that she has a 7 year old child.

Happy Beginning

Looking back, I suppose the fact that she’s totally comfortable revealing to him a secret she’s been keeping for a long time should be enough to give us an inkling about how she feels about him. The fact that he didn’t judge her for it and didn’t think differently of her after finding out the truth definitely says a lot about him too (not to mention major brownie points).  

Now I’m usually wary about couples born from reality shows because you don’t really know if it’s real or all part of the script. But in Olivia’s case, I’ll gladly be proven otherwise because everyone, even a single mum, deserves to find happiness.

Olivia Wang Zhiwen and Wu Yong'en

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