Olivia Wang Ziwen Admits that She’s a Single Mom to Her 7-Year-Old Son

Olivia Wang Ziwen Admits that She's a Single Mom to Her 7-Year-Old Son

For years, Olivia Wang Ziwen has been subjected to rumors that she may be secretly married with a kid especially since being spotted by paparazzi with a little boy in the past. Olivia currently appears on the reality show A Journey for Love 怦然再心动 which follows female celebrities in their pursuit of love. On the show, she admitted for the first time that she indeed has a son.

Olivia Wang’s First Relationship

In the newest episode, Olivia Wang who has been going on dates with male guest Wu Yong’en opens up about her past. She said that she was with her first boyfriend for four years and she loved him very much. At the time, she felt that her biggest dream was to marry him and to have a baby with him. At that time, it was the happiest thing for her. However, possibly due to differences in personality and because she was childish and young then, they often broke up. The last time they broke up, she never wanted to get back together again because it would become a cycle. That’s why she left Chengdu and went to Beijing in order to move on though she admits that the breakup was difficult for her.

Telling Her Date That She Has a Son

Olivia Wang Ziwen Admits that She's a Single Mom to Her 7-Year-Old Son
Olivia Wang and Wu Yong’en on A Journey of Love

Continuing her conversation with Wu Yong’en, Olivia Wang goes on to say, “The things I do might be a lot crazier than you. Just like the rumors, they say that I have a child and there are many different versions of it, but actually, I really do have a child, do you understand?” Visibly surprised, Wu Yong’en got up to go to the bathroom but returned later on to give Olivia a hug as he said, “You can tell me this, that means you trust me just a little, and I just want to tell you I care, I care about you.” While sharing his thoughts regarding her revelation, he admits that he was surprised but doesn’t think it’s a big deal because he won’t think of her any differently.

When Olivia Wang first came on the show, she immediately told her co-stars that she has a son who’s already 7 years old but the footage was not aired until recently. She told them that she didn’t think too much when she was pregnant and simply felt that she has to take responsibility for her child. She felt a deep bond with her baby, so she decided to have a child out of wedlock and raise him alone. Now that she’s ready to introduce her son to the world, Olivia Wang proudly shared a mother and son photo on social media with the caption, “Dou Ya, Mama loves you.”

olivia wang ziwen and her son

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