Ma Ke and Wife Danni Wang are Now Proud New Parents!

Ma Ke
Ma Ke and Baby

It appears congratulations are in order for Journey of Flower actor Ma Ke and wife Danni Wang for whom the stork made a special delivery today April 19. “Welcome little pineapple to this beautiful world, beautiful country, beautiful home. Your mother and I will love you with all our hearts, protect you and guide you. Our family is growing together @Wang Danni NINI. My wife, you’ve worked very hard” shares the ecstatic dad who took to social media to announce their good fortune.

Just like his marriage announcement, Ma Ke’s happy news was met with a slew of congratulations from showbiz friends and fans alike. Allen Ren Jialun wrote “little pineapple, little pineapple, wait for me to return. I am so happy!” Meanwhile, actress Ying Er who also has a young daughter herself said “congratulations Keke, little Moon can finally meet little pineapple”.

Congratulatory Messages
Showbiz friends like Allen Ren Jialun, Xu Haiqiao, Li Daikun, Ying Er and Viann Zhang sending their congratulations in!

As messages of congratulations continue to pour in, Ma Ke also popped into social media to quickly share a photoshoot himself and Danni did with Cosmo Bride. Seeing that it was only recently that we learned Ma Ke and Danni Wang have actually been secretly married for two years already, today seems like an extra great day to release these photos as well, most especially for friends and fans who somehow felt they “missed out” when these two got hitched in secret.

Ma Ke and Wife Danni for Cosmo Bride
Ma Ke and Danni for Cosmo Bride

A big congratulations once again to the happy new parents!

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