Ma Ke Reveals That He’s Been Secretly Married for Two Years

Ma Ke

In an industry where no secret remains hidden for long, Journey of Flower actor Ma Ke seems to have done the almost impossible by managing to keep the news of his marriage a secret for such a lengthy period. In fact, it was only recently when Ma Ke had been photographed having a meal together with an obviously pregnant woman later revealed to be actress Wang Danni (after she took off her mask) that he was forced to reveal the truth, staving off further rumours of his “secret marriage” .

Ma Ke Wedding Rings
Ma Ke accompanied his marriage announcement with a photo of their wedding rings

Thank you everyone for your interest. Two years of married life allowed me to experience the responsibility and happiness of being in love and of being loved. Grateful that life gave me the opportunity to grow” writes Ma Ke in his statement.  You really have to hand it to him for managing to keep a lid on his marriage for two years before anyone had an inkling he was already off the marriage market!

Ma Ke wife actress Wang Danni

Since making his big announcement, messages from fans and showbiz friends have started pouring in. Yang Zi who acted alongside Ma Ke in the Chinese family sitcom Home With Kids when they were still in their teens wrote “Double happiness! Wait for me to return and let Nini jie cook me a big feast.Allen Ren Jialun wrote “congratulations my good brother and let Nini jie prepare herself, I’ll drop by for dinner anytime soon.” Meanwhile, actress Ying Er also wrote “congratulations KeKe, Nini, looking forward to having a feast in your home soon!

Comments from celebrity friends

Having started out as a child actor, Ma Ke had his breakout role as an adult playing Sha Jiejie in the 2015 hit drama Journey of Flower. Ma Ke was often photographed together with Wang Danni back in 2016, triggering much speculation of a romance between the two. Later, they were also seen going in and out of the same apartment which further gave credence to relationship rumours between the two.

A belated congratulations to Ma Ke and his wife Danni!

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