Linda Chung Drops Sweet Family Photos on Easter Sunday

Linda Chung and her family

Linda Chung just shared some photos with her husband Jeremy Leung and her two super adorable kids, Kelly who’s 4 years old and Jared who’s 2 year old. The former TVB actress who ended her contract in 2018 returned to film Children’s Hospital in 2020. Linda said that it might possibly be her swan song in the entertainment industry . .  at least until her kids are much older that is.

Linda Chung admitted she had a hard time last year when quarantine restrictions for COVID-19 forced her to be separated from her family. Originally, Linda planned to fly her kids over to join her in Hong Kong whilst she was working on Children’s Hospital. But, with the pandemic situation worsening, she decided not to push forward with her plans. Linda says she’s not completely closing the doors to acting, but feels she cannot commit to filming dramas which requires a lot of time filming away. With Linda back with her family in Vancouver, it’s nice to see her still sharing bits and pieces of her life with her followers on social media. Hong Kong actress Nancy Wu also commented on her post, “Older sister is so beautiful, younger brother grew so much, very stylish.”

Who do you think the cuties resemble more? Her hubby Jeremy or Linda?

Linda Chung's cute kids
Linda's eldest Kelly
LInda's youngest Anthony

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