China Releases Notice to Suspend All Filming Activities During the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus spreads, China has been ramping up efforts on epidemic prevention and control, advocating for people to prevent from gathering. On January 31, 2020, the China Federation of Radio and Television Associations Production and Actor Committees have released a joint notice to suspend the shooting of film and television dramas: 

1. During the course of epidemic prevention and control, all production companies, film and television crew and actors should temporarily suspend all filming in accordance with the relevant state regulations. 
2. If a production company or crew which does not suspend their filming activities triggers the spread of the epidemic, they shall be held accountable. 
3. With the coronavirus outbreak, individuals in the film industry as well as actors have the right to refuse to film. 
4. Filming activities should be suspended until China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention announces that the epidemic prevention control has been lifted. 
5. If anyone discovers that filming activities are still continuing, they can report to the China Federation of Radio and Television Associations Production and Actor Committees, the local authorities or the Center for Disease Control. 
Prior to the announcement, a number of productions such as Like a Flowing River 2, Thank You Doctor, Legend of Fei and Legacy have already stopped filming. Furthermore, Chinese film studios such as Hengdian World Studios and Xiangshan Global Studios have also suspended filming activities. 


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