Guan Xiaotong’s Annual Birthday Greeting to BF Luhan Proves Their Relationship is Still Going Strong

Luhan Birthday
Luhan and girlfriend Guan Xiaotong celebrates his birthday together.
Together: “Happy Birthday @ Luhan” writes his girlfriend Guan Xiaotong on 23:31

Whoa. Birthday boy Luhan and girlfriend Guan Xiaotong were in for a bit of drama yesterday when breakup rumours swirling around the couple grew louder after it was noted that she failed to give her usual birthday greeting at midnight on April 20th.

In previous years, Guan Xiaotong always greeted her beau within 12 to 1 am on his birthday, so yesterday’s “break from tradition” really had everyone wondering why this year’s greeting was nowhere to be seen. Alas as people continued to wait for a greeting that didn’t appear to be coming, people’s imaginations went on hyper drive, leading many to surmise that the end of the couple’s relationship has finally come.

The “一鹿彤行” Couple

But, worry not folks because the 一鹿彤行 (yilutongxing) couple is very much alive. If you hadn’t guessed already, yilutongxing is the couple name Netizens have given Luhan and Guan Xiaotong – a mash of the characters in their names 鹿晗 (Luhan) and 关晓(Guan Xiatong) which sounds similar to “walk all the way together.”

Before the clock struck twelve at exactly 23:31, the long awaited birthday greeting from the actress finally came, and boy was it enough to finally shut down the naysayers and the rumourmongers. Posting not just one but two greetings on social media – one on her Weibo page and the other on Instagram, Guan Xiaotong posted a photo of them celebrating Luhan’s birthday TOGETHER. “Happy Birthday @Luhan” she captions.

If you’ve been following the couple’s birthday greetings to each other over the four years they’ve been together, it’s usually a solo shot of the birthday celebrant accompanying the birthday message so it’s safe to say that this year’s post is very very different. What’s more, discerning Netizens have also pointed out that even the timestamps on each of Guan Xiaotong’s greetings were actually well thought out.

For the year they got together as a couple, the actress’ greeting came at 00:00 which Netizens say symbolised Year 0. The next year, her greeting came at 00:17 which is said to represent the year they got together in October of 2017 . Last year, in 2020, Luhan turned the big 3-0, so her post came at … you guessed it, 00:30. So what’s up with this year’s 23:31 timestamp? People believe that it was intended to represent both their ages with Guan Xiaotong aged 23 and Luhan who just turned 31 yesterday.

Leaving the Fandom

So the long awaited birthday post finally came but alas, still not everyone was happy. Some Luhan fans actually threatened to leave the fandom… not exactly sure if it was the delayed birthday greeting that put them off or if they were upset he’s still in a relationship … but there you are. In any case, it’s crazy how all of this came about from a birthday greeting isn’t it?

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