Yang Tianzhen Was Against Luhan’s Choice to Reveal Girlfriend Guan Xiaotong

Yang Tianzhen Was Against Luhan's Choice to Reveal That He's Dating Guan Xiaotong

Although mostly behind the scenes due to her work as a talent manager, Easy Entertainment CEO Yang Tianzhen is quite known to the public.

Yang Tianzhen Against Celebrities Going Public with Their Dating Status

In a recent interview, Yang Tianzhen who is also Luhan’s former manager admitted that she was once against Luhan’s decision to reveal his relationship with Guan Xiaotong. Yang Tianzhen admits that she is not supportive of celebrities announcing that they’re dating because once the relationship is out in the open, she believes that the public becomes part of it too and it’s not good for the relationship. She also said, “But if the artist still chooses to go public, what I have to do is to make it understandable and to find a way to have the public matter within control”

Luhan first revealed that he was dating Guan Xiaotong two years ago in October 2017. The former EXO member was steadily growing his solo career in China at the time, yet the announcement brought the pair plenty of hate from those who cannot accept that the idol is now dating. Guan Xiaotong, in particular, drew in many bashers as a result.

In fairness to Luhan, the actor-singer has consistently said that he won’t lie to fans if he starts dating, which is a very manly and respectable thing to do! Furthermore, despite the many break up rumors, the couple is still going strong and making sure to always dedicate birthday posts to each other.

kitty zhang supports luhan

Kitty Zhang Supports Luhan

Luhan’s honesty towards his fans is very admirable and not many can do that. Chinese actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi who also used to be managed by Yang Tianzhen took to Weibo to express her support as she wrote, “To fall in love, isn’t it just for happiness? If you can’t kiss me under the sun, then why should I love you till I’m old and gray, in life and in death. Some friends just do it beautifully @Luhan.”

This year has been very good for the Luhan as he was a mentor on Chuang 2020 and then his new drama Cross Fire aired to good reviews for the actor.  Let’s wish him all the best in life and in his relationship with Guan Xiaotong!

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