Dylan Wang Surprises Co-Star Qin Lan with Take Away Delivery

Qin Lan and Dylan Wang

Taking a page out of the saying the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, actor Dylan Wang pulled a reverse to put in a surprise delivery order of yuxiang shredded pork and pork ribs with potatoes for his co-star Qin Lan.

Just got home and immediately received a mysterious takeaway delivery! The potatoes are quite yummy too @Wang Hedi_Dylan” gushed the actress after receiving her takeaway surprise. If you’re asking why the shredded pork and ribs with potatoes order? Fans of their new drama series will know that it’s what Dylan’s character Qi Xiao personally cooked for Qin Lan’s character Shen Ruo Xin on their show The Rational Life 理智派生活! Extra publicity or not, how cute is that?

Dylan Wang orders a surprise takeaway for Qin Lan
“Bon Appetit! Qi Xiao??” indicates the message on the receipt

Qin Lan and Dylan Wang currently star in the modern romantic drama The Rational Life. If a noona- dongsaeng romance is right in your wheelhouse, you might enjoy watching Qin Lan’s Shen Ruo Xin  – a 33 year old manager who finds herself pursued by two men, one being her much younger assistant Qi Xiao and the other, the bachelor company vice president Xu Minjie. Much like 2020’s Find Yourself where Victoria Song’s character finds herself torn between bowing down to who society dictates is appropriate for her versus following her heart, Shen Ruo Xin too must decide whether finding happiness with Qi Xiao trumps society’s opinion of what is appropriate.

Qin Lan and Dylan Wang in The Rational Life

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