Cheney Chen Xuedong Recounts Mortifying Day of Walking Around Town With A Giant Rip in His Pants

Chen Xuedong
Chen Xuedong

L.O.R.D. 2 actor Cheney Chen Xuedong just found himself in a bit of a fashion emergency after having unknowingly walked around the entire day with a big split down his pants! Taking to social media to share his cringe worthy moment and also to poke a little bit of fun at himself, the actor said “after having spent the entire day walking around and later going out for dinner, I was having an awesome day all in all. But then I started feeling a little bit cold. Did I spill water down my pants whilst having dinner? It was quite cold. When I hopped back into the car to go back to the hotel, I ran a hand down my back … and oh boy .. the entire thing had been ripped for the whole day!

Cheney Chen Xuedong Showing Off the extent of the damage
 Cheney Chen Xuedong showing off the extent of the damage to his pants

He further lamented that no one bothered to tell him he was already flashing his underwear for everyone to see whilst he was walking around the whole day! “I kept trying to convince myself that it’s alright. Maybe people will think the lewk is the fashion right now. I wanna find a hole to bury myself in” moans the actor.

Oh my goodness that has got to be super mortifying – walking around with a big rip down your pants and nobody even told you about it .. for the ENTIRE DAY. Gotta admire how Chen Xuedong laughed off the mortifying incident though as he even posted a cheeky (pun intended) photo of his butt and his split pants, leaving just a little bit up to the imagination with a strategically placed emoji.

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