Carina Lau Inadvertently Sparks Rumours Laurinda Ho Secretly Married Her Boyfriend Shawn Dou

Laurinda Ho and Carina
Carina with Laurinda Ho

Hong Kong actress Carina Lau may (or may not have) let the cat out of the bag recently after the she inadvertently dropped a bombshell claiming heiress Laurinda Ho “married a famous Chinese actor”. She is, of course referring to Laurinda’s beau actor Shawn Dou who immediately shot down the rumours once media confronted him about it.

Carina Lau

In a recent interview about her hosting work, Carina said she’s still having trouble adjusting since she’s so used to being the one interviewed as an actress. When she gave an example of the guests she’s had on the show, Carina mentioned having Laurinda Ho on for the first episode of 对照记. The actress said she met the heiress when she was still very young and revealed that “now she is also married” and that she’s married to “a famous actor here in China”.

As expected, Carina’s bombshell sparked so much speculation that the pair were secretly married. However when media tried to confirm the story with Shawn, he denied it all together and said they were still in mourning. Meanwhile, Carina has already apologised to the couple for her slip up and for the trouble it caused. “I’m really sorry to trouble you guys and wish you both happiness” she said. Looks like all’s good though as Laurinda reshared the post saying “I just saw the news after getting off work. Thank you sister Carina for your wishes. Once there’s any good news, I’ll surely let you know.

Laurinda Ho
Laurinda Ho tells “big sister” Carina that she’ll let her know once there’s any good news

Ever since Laurinda Ho and Shawn Dou made their relationship official in 2019, speculation that we’ll be hearing wedding bells soon could be heard aplenty. In October of 2019, it is said that Shawn brought his girlfriend home to Canada to meet his parents. Last year, marriage rumours flared up once again after Shawn was spotted accompanying Laurinda on all three days of her father Stanley Ho’s wake as his rumoured son-in-law.

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